initiates an invention for block printing device which can be used in the traditional art.



The ANTS Craft has been working with more than 4000 artisans across India, since 2003, providing livelihood support to more than 16,000 families. In the last 8 years, we have ploughed back Rs.5 Cr back to the community through our market facing activities.




Global Hands is a social enterprise that creates assistive technologies to enable people with locomotor disabilities to earn livelihoods. Global Hands’ flagship product is LokJeevika, an assistive block printing product that helps artisans with upper limb disabilities to create block printed garments, a thriving business in the local area.




So far, the Global Hands team has been able to test the product and develop a second prototype with improved sliding components based on collected user feedback. In addition, the team has been able to secure additional funding from Enable India to continue product testing. Therefore, the team now plans to continue conducting more tests and further improve user interaction with the block printing product.