Get personalized alarm notification by playing back your own or other's voice.

Just record and set the alarm


it's a easy to operate alarm clock,
and a very beautiful Voice Alarm App.

multi-function alarm clock app

Get woken up in a more modern way. Get bored by ordinary recording alarm? Voice Alarm can wake you up by vocal!

An informative alarm that saves your time every morning. Vocal message includes weather information, time & date. You can decide what to dress without taking the time to look into other apps.


Customized messages that starts your day off great. Whether it's an inspirational quote or a little reminder from last night, the customized message helps starting your day off great.

Waking up has never been so easy. Informative speech wakes up your brain much better than recording.


Voice reminder is one of the most handy Apps of time. You can simply record your alarm and save it to draft to set your schedule. Voice Alarm app will save your voice recording and notify you at the alarm time it is set for and let you play your own voice alarm.

This app is designed for simplicity, just record what you need to do and set the time. Also you can optionally set repeat, time, date, "direct play" and label for your Voice Alarm.


Voice Alarm

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